Timing of Sandhyavandanam


Timing of Sandhyavandanam worship

The name suggests Sandhya , the meeting time of Day with night, which is just before and during sunrise and sunset.

‘Ajyotisho darsanat sandhi, jyotisho bhanutare’

The above statement of the shastra means ‘Sandhi is the time when the sun and the stars are together visible’

The practical thing therefore will be to start

  1. In the morning before sunrise, give Arghyam( explanation later) during sunrise and finish just after sunrise.
  2. In the evening, begin before sunset, give Arghyam during sunset and finish later.

For those who always are inconsistent with their timings, Shastra says

Uttama tarakopeta madhyama lupta taraka 

Adhama urya sahita prata: sandhya tridha mana’

To do PrAtha ( morning) sandhyA vandanam when the stars are visible is Uttama (first grade.); Maddhyama (middle grade) when doing without the stars; and Adhama ( least grade when Sun is visible)

“Uttama suryasahita maddhyama anudita taraka


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